White privilege is:

  1. Being able to smart off to a cop during a shady traffic stop without fearing repercussions.
  2. Telling a cop to wait a second, then rummaging around in your glove box, purse, backseat, pocket, for your license and registration without being shot because it looks like you’re going for a gun
  3. Watching all of your black co-workers get ticketed in front of work for minor offenses and you being able to talk your way out of it even when you’re in the wrong
  4. Not having to worry that one day, one of your kids will be shot for some insignificant reason. Something that doesn’t even matter, something that no one should ever be shot over.
  5. Trying to explain to your white kids that you’re crying because you fear for their friends, but not for them personally. Because you’re already trying to figure out the best way to teach them how the “system” is going to treat the kids they grew up with, the kids they love. And there’s no way to do it without just breaking down and crying.
  6. Knowing you don’t have to make a blog post about this at all and everyone would understand. But doing it anyway because you’re fucking sick of it.

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