writing a scene

Scenes. There are so many Goddamn scenes.

I feel like I have used this list over and over again, making sure every scene is necessary. Some scenes have been rewritten 89 times. I realize this list says I need to do it 111 more times, but I just don’t know if I have the strength.

I have written scribble versions, outlines, full scenes. I have written the same scene from multiple viewpoints. I have written the same scene with three different beginnings, three different endings. I have shortened, I have lengthened. I have surprised, I have switched settings.

Sometimes, after all this, I have completely trashed the scene and omitted it from the entire book. In a few instances, I sliced a twenty page chapter to two paragraphs and shoved it into a tiny flashback later on.

Guess what? I’m still nowhere near finished.

This writing business is the best and worst project I have ever undertaken. I totally understand why so many writers drink themselves to death or stick their heads in hot ovens. Oh, well. Enough complaining from me. I still have dozens of scenes to rewrite.

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