I had a whole idea for a new blog post. Something fresh and thought-provoking, something which touched on experiences I have had in real life, and sparked the little ideas that have now become the fictional story, What It Isn’t. But, you know what? Sometimes even though you’ve created an entire cast and world based on abstract truths you’ve learned over the years… it’s still uncomfortable to earnestly address those truths and how you came to discover them. So, maybe that blog post can wait until I’m a little braver.

Until then, let me tell you about how disgustingly cold it is right now and how my husband won’t go get me breakfast, so I’m sitting in bed whining, thinking about past friendships and relationships, and all the little forks in the roads where we had to decide what our relationships were, and what they absolutely weren’t. And you know? Deciding what they weren’t was usually more telling, helpful, and–in time–healing, than any of the Aha! moments telling us what we were.

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