Do you know what happened today?

Today, I thought about the horror I felt when a teacher I had in high school told my 15 year old self that he loved his kids, but they drove him crazy and sometimes he couldn’t stand them. I remembered my 15 year old self thinking, Parents aren’t supposed to think that! Parents love their children ALWAYS even when they act ridiculous in public. I bet MY parents never felt that way about ME!

That conversation coursed through my brain like an electric volt as my seven year old screamed that she didn’t want to go to school today, slammed her door shut, then continued screaming about not being able to find her shoes, her hairbrush, her lunchbox, her socks, and her backpack. My blood pressure shot up so high I’m sure it is a medical miracle I’m still alive right now, and I temporarily lost hearing in my right ear.

And so, then I thought another thing. I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone spoke honestly about things like my old high school teacher instead of sugar-coating everything all the time and setting people up for feeling like failures at life?

So then I thought, Hey, I can do that. Life can be terrible and awesome all at once and I don’t see the point in only paying attention to the awesomeness and leaving out the terrible. And I really hate it when things are sugar-coated. Unless they are sour gummy worms or the rims of strawberry margaritas.

And so then, I started this blog.

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